What's the correct choice?


2D vs 3D. Traditionally homes are sold using a series of 2D photographs.  Many times they are arranged in a random order that when viewed, give you no sense of continuity.  2D photos only tell part of the story.

We live in a three-dimensional world.  This is how we live and see things.  A 2D photo might be a good way to capture a single event, but spatially it’s limited.  You can’t see what’s to the right, left or behind the photo’s image. It’s static.  In a Matterport 3D tour, you have a series of 360-degree photos that are stitched together to form a seamless composite that can be viewed in three dimensions.   Move around like you would in a live open house, look up, down, or spin 360 degrees.  It’s the next best thing to being there.

The Dollhouse view takes this to the extreme.  With this perspective, you can view a location like you had X-ray vision.  The entire structure can be turned, tilted, zoomed and viewed so show how every room connects to every other room.  In a multi-story venue, you can look at the entire structure, or one level at a time.  No one else has this.

Are those granite counter tops?  What about hardwood floors?  Wood burning fireplace, or gas?  In a Matterport 3D tour, these items can be emphasized by using Mattertags.  These are bullseye targets that when clicked, can display text, a photo, video or web link for more information about a feature or item.  Try that with a 2D photo.

Speaking of 2D photos, we also provide standard high definition 2D still photos with every Matterport 3D tour. Royalty free and no extra charge.

Does this sound like the way you would like to purchase a home, or sell yours? Check out some examples on my Gallery page. Here you will find a variety of homes, commercial spaces, businesses and even automobiles.

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Scott Lankford
Northwest 3D Photography