A vanity or custom URL (web address) is available for less than you think ...

What's the difference between a web address and URL?

Actually a URL and web address are the same thing.  The letters URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator.  This is what you type in after the www on your browser to get to a specific web page.   The terms "web address" and "URL" can be used interchangeably.

What is a custom or vanity web address?

A URL is the address you type in to your browser to get to a web page.  You may have typed "www.nw3dphoto.com" to get to this site.  Thank you for that.  Company URLs are very common, but did you ever stop to think that you could have your own, personalized web address?  It's possible, and for much less than you might think.  A web address or URL can be almost any combination of letters, numbers and symbols.  And until recently (2014), the extension at the end of a web address (.com, .net, .gov, etc.) have expanded greatly.  You can now have words such as info, photo, gallery, group and so forth.  In all there are over 800 extension words that can be used.

Why should I get a vanity web address?

Why have a vanity URL?  There are many reasons, but first, let's talk about what you can do with one.  When you have a virtual 3D tour done with Northwest 3D Photography, you will receive a URL that can be used by itself, or inside of a website.  Typically the machine generated URLs we provide are not easy to remember, and are anything but personalized.  Here is an example from one of our gallery examples:  https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=7DyT5jQTivg.  You can type this in to your browser (or cut and paste it) and it will pull up a 3D tour of a church in Elmhurst, IL.  Remembering that jumble of characters would be nearly impossible, and imagine trying to give that address to someone over the phone?  Enter vanity URLs.

Instead of typing in: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=7DyT5jQTivg  What if you could type in: icelmhurst3dtour.info?  Not the shortest URL in the world, but easier to remember, right? Actually it’s for the Immaculate Conception Parish church in Elmhurst, IL. Try it.  Are you selling your house, what about having: 1234StreetAnyTownState.forsale.  ??  Obviously you would substitute your address, street, city and state with your own information.  Again, it's not short, but it's personalized and somewhat easier to remember than a machine generated address.  Give our test URL a try.  Type in the following address into your browser:

YourAddressHere2019.info    Note: you don't need to type in www, just enter the address as it's printed, or cut and paste.  Also, this is a .info address, not a .com -- big difference. 

It should take you to another one of our gallery tours.  The tour will start automatically (optional) as soon as the site loads.  Now imagine being able to do this with your own vanity URL and virtual 3D tour.

How to get started

First, you need to decide what you want in a vanity or personalized URL.  Do you want your name, your address, a catchy phrase?  In the case of selling your home, a custom URL like: 1234StreetAnyTownState.forsale is both unique, and personalized.  It's relatively easy to remember, and forces the focus of your audience on you.

Once you have an idea about what you want, complete the form below and send it to us.  We'll check for availability and reply with a price.  In most cases, the cost is only $25.00 for the first year.  Subsequent years can be as low as 1/2 off the original price.  Give it a try, it's free and fun.

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