Are virtual 3D tours expensive?

No.  If you shop around, you will find that virtual 3D tours done by Northwest 3D Photography are about the same cost as a traditional 2D photographer.   With a virtual 3D tour, you get so much more for your money.  See our pricing page for a list of what's included in our tours.

Will I need to hire a 2D and 3D photographer?

No.  The virtual 3D tour offered by Northwest 3D Photography gives you the best of both worlds; an immersive 3D tour experience including the cutaway (a.k.a. dollhouse) and photo realistic floor plan views with multiple 2D photographs that can be played like a slide show.  The 2D photographs can also be downloaded (at no extra charge) to be used in flyers, brochures or other marketing solutions.

Why do I have to pay for hosting after 90 days?

The 3D tour and related items like the cutaway (a.k.a. dollhouse) view, photo realistic floor plan view and info tags are all hosted by the company that makes the virtual 3D tour possible - Matterport.  This is done to provide the most up to date processing capabilities and to reduce strain on servers displaying the tours.  Having Matterport host the tours takes the worry out of paying for additional capacity with your hosting facility, and maintains an extremely high level of security to guard against data loss and hacking.

The cost to host a tour is only $45.00 for the first year, then $60.00 per year thereafter.  You are under no obligation to continue hosting your tour after the first 90 days; however, if you select not to continue with paid hosting, the link will be disconnected making the tour unavailable for viewing.

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