Gallery Overview

Below are samples of the different venues we have scanned.  These include residential, professional business, commercial, retail and some miscellaneous samples.




Combining high technology with advanced dental skills the staff at Advanced Family Dental Spa provide the best in care for your teeth.  Serving patients in and around the northwest suburbs.

Located at 2429 Randall Road, Carpentersville, IL

Dedicated to your Smile, Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in a vast array of dental services. Including general dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign and endodontic therapy.

Located at 720 Cog Circle, Suite H, Crystal Lake, IL






In the Mercedes S550 sample on the right, two scans were done inside of the vehicle.  This shows the ability of the 3D tour to scale into smaller spaces.  Several Info Tags were also used to show the diverse types content that can be displayed. 



In the SS Peter & Paul Church sample on the left, two scans were used as the foundation.  Several 2D photos were extracted from multiple 360 photos taken in various areas.  These objects were then assembled into an auto tour.  In this sample, the tour will start automatically after the sample loads.  After the tour ends, you can explore, but only between the two initial scans in front of the altar.


The Bed, Bath and Beyond scan was done as a proof of concept for a large retail space.  There is an "As Seen on TV" section where several products in one row have pictures of the product or mini commercials that can be activated by clicking on the Info Tag bullseye symbol.

Additionally, when clicking on the Info Tag bullseye, you will see a link that can take you to the retailer's website to purchase the item.  This makes a unique shopping experience for both large and small stores.

You can view the Bed, Bath and Beyond scan directly by going to:

This shows how a vanity URL can help make a scanned space available quickly and without the need of a supporting website.



Bed Bath and Beyond celebrates the fall season with their Autumn Harvest display.  Everything for your fall decorating needs in one place.



In the two 3D examples below, I've scanned a small basement two ways; first with no lights (sample on the left) using an artificial light source, then the same space with normal lighting and no additional light source.  The results speak for themselves.  The artificial light source is a battery operated Bell & Howell 60 LED light bar.

So why scan with the lights off?  One situation would be where there was damage (fire, flood, vandalism, etc.) and the power has been cut off.  Documenting such as space might give insurance adjusters, repair estimators or lawyers a way to view the entire space as it exists in its entirety, not just a series of 2D stills, to assess the damage.  Additionally, the scan can be revisited whenever a question comes up regarding the original condition.  This is just another way to show how versatile the Matterport 3D scan can be.


As you can see, we can do a 3D virtual tour almost anywhere.  Thinking about making your location in to a 3D tour?  Click on the Contact Us button below to get started.