While a black and white 2D schematic floor plan may seem archaic in today's 3D world, but it's still a staple in many industries.  An accurate floor plan can be an invaluable tool for things like:

  • Redecorating

  • Design development

  • Construction planning

  • Home owners insurance documentation/pricing

  • Planning a fire escape route (for a larger dwelling, or commercial space)

Our black and white 2D schematic plans are dimensionally accurate (to within 1-2% of reality) because they are based on the scan data used to create the virtual 3D tour.  Results are delivered in a downloadable zip file that contain both PDF and PNG formats.  In a multi-floor structure, a separate PNG file is created for each level, and the entire structure is contained in a single PDF.  Room dimensions and labels are included in both the PDF and PNG files.  Lead time is (2) days from date of order.

Pricing for 2D schematic floor plans

$25.00     For structures up to 10,000 sq. ft.

$50.00     For structures between 10,001 and 20,000 sq. feet

Structures larger than 20,000 sq. feet are not supported

Below are samples of a 2D schematic floor plan for a two-story home

Click picture to enlarge sample